Strengthen relationships and build confidence among your teammates.

If you've been employed long enough, chances are you've been roped into a few mandatory getting-to-know-you events that made you wish you'd rather be at your desk plowing through emails. Team-building activities that bore or annoy participants will only brew resentment, so it's best to shake things up a bit if you find yourself in charge of boosting office morale and inspiring more inter-office rapport. With some creativity, you can encourage your subordinates or coworkers to partake in activities that are not only fun but encourage bonding and communication — no trust falls allowed!

Does worker's comp cover this sort of thing?


With the popularity of Netflix's Bird Box, this challenge will likely be well-received. Blindfold a participant and have the sighted members of the group guide him or her throughout a room of small obstacles. Instructions such as taking a certain amount of steps to a chair or finding and picking up objects encourage communication and trust for all involved. 

Escape Rooms

Here you're in a race against time to put together clues and solve problems in order to succeed in escaping before the clock runs out. By inspiring critical thinking and input from all team members, everyone is mission critical in this activity. 

Hike With a Challenge

There are plenty of hikes here in Colorado that are within reasonable driving distance for a day spent outdoors. Take your office to the trail but include a twist: each member must take turns having some sort of struggle that the rest of the team must accommodate. For example, one participant may only be able to use one leg or the leader has to communicate instructions using only hand signals. Learning to support individuals through a task with difficulties creates new respect and insight into working well with those from all walks of life.

Try Improv

Using everyday objects such as cutlery, office supplies, or bath items, have your group find different ways to utilize each item. Creativity and invention are spurred here and being able to think outside the box and see possibilities in all things certainly breeds a more productive atmosphere. Improv fosters the use of right-brained thinking and sets the wheels in motion for creative awareness long after the participants head back to work.

Sip and Paint Classes

Following the guidance of an artist, participants will all paint the same picture while enjoying a libation. Encourage each employee to sit next to someone they don't know well or work closely with. The relaxed atmosphere paired with creativity as well as a painting they can bring home and be proud of will definitely create stronger rapport and be a wonderful office memory.