Leave Your Wedding Day to the Professionals

Your wedding day, next to other important moments such as graduations and births, is among one of the most important life events you could ever experience. For something so monumental that involves a lot of moving parts like photographers, caterers, and venue arrangements, the last thing a couple needs to do is get bogged down with the jaw-clenching, nitty-gritty details when a wedding planner can take care of so many particulars. If you're not a born planner and just want your wedding day to be exactly as you'd like it, give these reasons to hire a wedding planner a look. 

You'll stay within your budget.

A wedding planner will keep you dialed into your means and can show how each expense can be covered from within it. When Future-Mother-in-Law makes an unsolicited suggestion that could add serious $$$ to your bill, your wedding planner can act as a buffer to curb any unwanted expense. Of course, if FMiL wants to pay for the said suggestion, your wedding planner can accommodate the extra funding.

Be linked up with the best vendors in the area. 

So many vendors, so many great reviews, so little time to vet each one. A wedding planner worth their salt knows the best in the business and can make solid recommendations.

Image courtesy Sara Hasstedt

They deal with the fine print. 

Planning a wedding is overwhelming enough and having someone else deal with contractual obligations that could create undue stress (other than your marriage license) prior to you signing anything will spell relief for all involved. 

Your ceremony and reception needs will be met. 

Whether you've hired them from the day after you got engaged or only arranged to have a day-of coordinator, your wedding planner will ensure your ceremony and reception are kept on schedule and adhere to what you and your spouse desire for your first day as a married couple. Want a candy buffet? You got your candy buffet. Want to have a reenactment of the wedding scene from The Graduate after you say "I do"? You'll get your wish, but I can't guarantee all in attendance will find it amusing.

Post-reception particulars are seen to. 

From tipping vendors to venue cleanup, a wedding planner will ensure the small things newlyweds don't want to be bothered with post-reception will be taken care of as appropriate.

There's always going to be stress on a wedding day, but it doesn't have to take over the event. Remember that you and your intended are the stars of the show here, so don't be afraid to let a wedding planner work their magic to make your day as painless as possible.

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