When it comes to office relationships, keep it professional ... and platonic. 

Many organizations don't possess a dating policy when it comes to inter-office relationships. Just because your Human Resources department hasn't issued a stance on dating coworkers, doesn't mean you should chase after Becky in Marketing. In the era of #MeToo, men and women need to be more cognizant of their behavior at work and how it could be perceived. It's human nature to be drawn to someone you feel attracted to, but remember that you are at work to work, not find a significant other.

If you're still unsure about why dating a coworker is a less than brilliant idea, the six reasons below should give you a clue:

You're making a lot of people uncomfortable.

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Your boss, your other coworkers, and human resources don't need (or want) to be privy to you fawning over your significant other. 

You bring drama to the office and your home.

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If you have a disagreement at work, you can expect that baggage will be brought home. 

Word gets around.

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If you want people to gossip about you, the best way to do it is to get involved in an office romance. When things inevitably go dixie between you two, you'll have an audience watching the fallout.

Expect others to get jealous.

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If you're seen giving special treatment to your office amour, other team members may feel slighted in return.  

Your crush may feel harrassed.

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There's a chance that your affections are not returned, which can lead to a sexual harassment claim. If he or she says "no" once, do not challenge it.

You might get fired.

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Part of Human Resources' job is to ensure that the company doesn't get sued. If your office romance could be deemed a liability, the pink piece of paper you receive won't be a Valentine. 

If you simply can't live without your significant other/coworker, play it safe and go find another job.