Don't Let Your Wedding Make You Lose Your Mind

Your wedding date seems so far away, but with all the details and vendors you need to arrange, it can make you feel like you barely have time to take a breath. If you're reading this, we get that you may be in need of a break and some tips on keeping your cool while your big day comes together. A handful of us at OCN have had our share of stepping in as wedding assistants, so pour yourself some wine and give our list a look.

Stick to Your Budget

Much like grocery shopping on an empty stomach, going overboard with little details that look appealing can add up in the planning phase of a wedding. Keep your budget figure where you can see it and use the help of an Excel spreadsheet to keep yourself in line with your funds.

Say "No" to Unsolicited Suggestions

Weddings have a way of encouraging your nearest and dearest to suggest that you include a few extra guests, ice sculptures, party favors, or other bank-breaking trappings. Give a "thanks but no thanks", unless, of course, they want to pay for it.

Enjoy Date Nights and Girls' Nights Out

It's easy to get so swept up in planning that going out with your fiance or gal pals (as friends, not as a bride tribe) can get overlooked. Having a night off from planning will help you relax and reconnect with your favorite people. 

Don't Go on a Fad Diet or Start an Extreme Exercise Regimen

Brides can be tempted to shed pounds before their ceremony or take up a new style of exercise in an effort to burn off stress but this can have adverse effects. Crazy diet plans can be hard to stick to and not every exercise program is right for everyone (I'm looking at you, Crossfit). The last thing you want is to be malnourished or injured when you ought to be getting excited to walk down the aisle. If you really want to lose inches and get some endorphins, plan a session with a reputable personal trainer who can customize a realistic meal plan for you to adhere to.

Ask for Help

If you're getting overwhelmed, pull a Bridesmaid, sister, fiance, Maid of Honor, mother, father, mother-in-law, wedding planner, or anyone you deem trustworthy aside and have them assist you. Whether it's to vent out frustrations or getting an opinion on the menu, having another person to take a little bit of the load off can provide a mountain of relief.

Stay Organized

Excel spreadsheets, shareable Google Docs, private Facebook groups, or old-school binders can all keep your wedding ideas, vendor correspondence, guest list, and other necessaries documented and within reach at a moment's notice.

Check Vendor References

Before signing any vendor contracts, make sure to do your homework on who's providing your services. Read their Google, Facebook, or Yelp reviews to see if anything shady or unflattering has happened to a previous client at their nuptials. 

Remember That There's No Such Thing as Perfection

Unexpected rain or winds sweep in mid-ceremony. The Flower Girl could throw a tantrum. You wake up the morning of your wedding with a pimple on your chin. Murphy's Law is not exempt from weddings. Things happen, and it's okay. Why is it okay? Because at the end of the day, you're marrying your soulmate in front of your loved ones. All great days end with cake, and you'll get a slice. So relax, smile your biggest smile in your couples' portraits, toss the bouquet to the next girl, and have fun.

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