Do you know what's hiding in your pipes?

Plumbers are true heroes. They stick their head and limbs inside pipes without knowing what they may come across on the other side. From creepy-crawly creatures to cold hard cash, check out some of the strangest things the plumbers of Reddit have pulled out of drains. 


A Diamond in the Rough

People say that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure and that was definitely true for Reddit user Theplmrnxtdoor. One day, he cut out a drum trap from an old home and put it in his van to investigate later. He ultimately forgot about the drum trap and found it while cleaning his van a year later. When he finally opened it up, Theplmrnxtdoor found a 4.6-carat heart-shaped diamond. He said he used it to buy new equipment and take his family to Disney World.

Long Lost Pets

Reddit user UffdaWow stated that she was a mom, but might as well be a plumber after everything she’s pulled out of the toilet. Her favorite was a robotic hamster known as a Zhu Zhu Pet. She had to take the toilet apart to get the hamster out, but when it finally appeared it said, “Let’s go!” and tried to scoot away from her.

Lost Treasure

Reddit user nitrokermit321 has a family member who is a plumber and discovered some hidden treasure in a toilet. When unclogging a toilet at Starbucks, he found hundreds of dollars in cash. Apparently, a bank robber had locked himself in that very bathroom earlier in the day and attempted to hide his cash in the toilet.

A Missing Leg

An anonymous Reddit user stated that his cousin found a prosthetic leg in a septic tank while on the job. One of the other plumbers took the prosthetic leg out of the tank, washed it, and took it home with him as a trophy.

A Web of Fear

Reddit user steel_jasminum shared someone else’s frightening story about an escaped pet. However, this pet wasn't a typical cute and cuddly pet–it was a giant, orange tarantula. Apparently, a man’s tarantula escaped and decided to live under his guest bathroom sink without the owner realizing it. Months passed and the owner started having trouble with the sink so he called a plumber. The plumber opened the cabinet doors to get to the pipes and found the tarantula in her “web cathedral.” He screamed, hit his head on the sink, and ran out.

Evidence of Infidelity

Plumbers have learned that toilets serve a number of different purposes for many different people, and one of their functions is to serve as a hiding spot. Reddit user Drunk_Grandpa revealed that when he and his crew were pumping out a septic tank, they took off the lid and found condoms floating on the top of the tank. The only people that lived in the house were a man and his wife. When they found the condoms, Drunk_Grandpa said, “[the husband] left, she cried and paid us when we were done.”

If you suspect you have any of these hidden treasures or creepy crawlies in your drains, be sure to call a professional. Done Plumbing is there for you when you need it the most and they're just a phone call away.

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