New and experienced shooters can resolve to improve their firearm-handling skills, on and off the range.

Whether you've been shooting for decades or just recently got behind a trigger for the first time, there's no reason why you shouldn't invest the time and energy in making yourself the ideal gun owner.

Too often we see headlines that involve injury or death from a firearm due to misuse or negligent storage around children. With all the intensive firearm training and education courses available at shooting ranges across the country, gun owners should get into a regular practice of safe handling, storage, and maintenance of firearms.

firearm safety class

If you're looking for a worthwhile resolution for 2020 that'll keep you and your family safe, sign up for a firearm safety class or advanced training course that lets you hone your existing shooting skills and cultivate new ones. If you haven't already, consider taking the necessary steps to earn a concealed weapons permit, which will come to your aid when stopped by law enforcement or if you find yourself in a crisis situation. Also, with new legislation being rolled out in various states, you'll need to become heavily aware of any new firearm regulations that could affect you.

While a New Year's resolution to lose weight or eat healthier is always a worthwhile pursuit, putting your personal safety first in 2020—and onward—will always pay off.