Georgetown University made the list for “Biggest Spooners” (aka, ice cream lovers) in America, according to the online delivery service, goPuff.

goPuff, a website dedicated to keeping college students happy with its quick-and-speedy delivery service, says Georgetown University students are some of the “Biggest Spooners” in the U.S. based on customer data from the 2017-18 school year. (The term “Biggest Spooner” refers to universities with the most ice cream ordered during the school year.) The honor is certainly a step up from the school’s previous title — “Most Annoying Student Body in D.C.” In 2011, Georgetown University made it on The D.C. Sh**list with a whopping 216 votes.
Even so, Georgetown University took the poll in stride. "It was an election that, let's face it, we all probably could've called," read a post published on the Georgetown University student blog Vox Populi. Other superlatives from goPuff include “Most Likely to Be Pulling an All-Nighter,” “Most Hungover,” and “Spiciest School,” among others. Check out some of our favorite categories and winners below. Who knows? Your university (or alma mater) may be on the list!

Most Hungover (Most recovery items ordered)

[caption id="attachment_9677" align="aligncenter" width="300"]University of Arizona Photo courtesy of goPuff.[/caption]
  1. University of Arizona -- Tucson
  2. Penn State
  3. Syracuse University
  4. Drexel, UPenn
According to goPuff, the University of Arizona is six times more hungover than the average school.

Most Likely to Pull an All-Nighter (Most energy drinks ordered)

[caption id="attachment_9678" align="aligncenter" width="300"]UPenn Photo courtesy of goPuff.[/caption]
  1. UPenn
  2. Penn State
  3. University of Arizona -- Tucson
  4. Syracuse University
According to goPuff, UPenn is nearly five times more likely to pull an all-nighter than the average school.

Biggest Spooners (Most ice creams ordered)

[caption id="attachment_9679" align="aligncenter" width="300"]University of Pittsburgh Photo courtesy of goPuff.[/caption]
  1. University of Pittsburgh
  2. Duquesne University
  3. Georgetown University
  4. Northwestern University
According to goPuff, the University of Pittsburgh is one-and-a-half times more likely to be scooping a pint of ice cream than the average school.

Spiciest School (Most spicy snacks/munchies ordered)

[caption id="attachment_9680" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Penn State Photo courtesy of goPuff.[/caption]
  1. Penn State
  2. Syracuse University
  3. University of Arizona -- Tucson
  4. Indiana University
According to goPuff, Penn State is eating more than four times as many spicy snacks than the average school. The website,, launched in 2013 as a “convenience store on wheels.” Today, the site serves more than 30 major cities in the U.S. The Philadelphia-based startup allows hungry college students (and ravenous non-college students) to order more than 2,000 products for delivery, including “munchies,” party essentials, "frozen AF," home goods, “dranks,” pet supplies, "eaaats," electronics, "pints on pints," beer, and “puff stuff.” What do you think? Are these superlatives accurate? Better yet, did your college make the list? Let us know in the comment section below!

Maybe they're heading to one of these favorite ice cream shops!