Your answer could reveal a lot about your personality.

We all remember asking our friends if they saw a black and blue dress or a white and gold one back in 2015. The world debated for weeks about the topic and scientists started working on why some of our eyes were preventing us from seeing the blue and black dress. 

Well, now a new optical illusion is going viral this week for its ability to deceive our eyes. 

So, here's the full image of the optical illusion:

man or dog optical illusion
Courtesy of Twitter

Now at first glance, what do you see? Take another look—does the image change? People who have viewed the photo have seen either a human man or a black dog. 

When I first looked at the photo, I immediately saw a man wearing a backpack making his way through the snow. However, after a long second glance, a black dog frolicking in the snow began to materialize before my very eyes. Now, it's extremely hard for me to unsee the happy, playful puppy.

According to Lee Chambers, an Environmental Psychologist and Wellbeing Consultant in the United Kingdom, what you see in the image could reveal a lot about your personality. "Where your eyes first focus on the picture certainly plays a part in the perception of your image, but your current psychological state can also play a role in whether you see a dog approaching or a human escaping," he stated. 

"If you are currently anxious, you are much more likely to see the man escaping, seeing the image in a more threatening viewpoint." Chambers revealed. "This will also be more likely if you are more pessimistic or less easy to trust others, seeing something moving away rather than approaching, or a human possibly acting in a sinister manner." 

If you saw the playful black dog first, Chambers suggests that you may be in a more calming state than your man-seeing counterparts and could have a more optimistic outlook on life. "If you’re are an optimistic individual, you are more likely to see something coming into your life and see the dog and embrace the snowy vista surrounding it," he said.

Viewers have had all sorts of comments regarding the image. One person said, "The only way this is a man is if he has weird poodle hair or hat and is wearing a dog jumpsuit with weird paws attached and a £D dog face image on his back. So no, it's not an optical illusion unless you're on drugs." Others have stated, "This is ridiculous, all most people can see is a dog," and "It's a guy in a sick jacket and hat running into the woods. I can tell by the gait that it's a person."

Since my eyes saw the man before I saw the dog, apparently that means I'm a pessimistic person on drugs (according to Chambers and the comments of people from around the world). So, what did you see when you first took a look at the trippy, snowy image?

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