Cheley Colorado Camps discusses how camp benefits kids.

For parents who are on the fence about sending their child to summer camp, this Facebook Live event hosted by Sunshine Parenting is one you don't want to miss. Cheley Colorado Camps joins this series along with other long-standing summer camps to talk about how their different programs make a lasting influence on a kid's psyche as they enjoy the great outdoors. It can be jarring for moms and dads who are sending their child away for the first time, but for seasoned professionals who handle hundreds of kids each year, their insight will put parental minds at ease.

It's one thing to hear the perspective of a young camper about their experience away from home, but to hear from the professional side and what it takes to make a meaningful experience for so many kids at once is starkly different.

Sunshine Parenting was created by Audrey Monke who has been a summer camp director for 34 years. Throughout her career, she has seen time and time again how summer camp positively impacts kids in terms of building better social skills, boosting confidence, and cultivating their independence. So mark your calendars to hear about how Cheley Colorado Camps in Estes Park can improve your kid's attitude with a little change in altitude

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