Keep these wedding gifts at the top of your registry.

One of the best parts of wedding planning is picking out the items for you and your beloved to use for years to come. With so many household items to choose from, it can be hard to sift through all the gadgets and devices that have come on the market. Check out our list of top-rated gifts below and get ready to click "add now" to your wedding registry.

Calphalon Classic Self-Sharpening Stainless Steel 15-Piece Knife Block Set

calphalon 15 piece knife set

A full knife set with a built-in ceramic sharpener for each straight-edge blade? Every night will be steak night with these bad boys. 

Ninja Coffee Bar® Single-Serve System

ninja single serve coffee maker

Let's see, a pod-free coffeemaker that does hot and cold servings, has a built-in frother, removable water reservoir, and reusable filters -- what's not to love? You and your sweetie will never have to see the other un-caffeinated, guaranteeing years of marital bliss! 

Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer

vintorio wine aerator

Reconnect after a long day with a nice glass of wine using this slanted aerator that attaches right to the bottle. Not only will your wine taste better, but you'll also spare your new tablecloths from any wine stains.

Roomba Robot Vacuum

roomba cleaning floor

No couple wants to have the who-cleaned-what-and-when argument, so have this chore outsourced to a whirring robotic disc. Some models can be operated remotely with a smartphone, so you can fire it up during your workday and return home to clean floors. 

Breville® the All in One™ Immersion Blender Set

breville all in one immersion blender

I'll sing the praises of immersion blenders as the day is long, especially when it's cold enough for a butternut squash soup dinner. This device doesn't just puree, it also has attachments for slicing, chopping, and grating. If you're low on kitchen space, this is one item you'd want to keep handy.

KitchenAid Stand Mixer

kitchenaid stand mixer

All hail the almighty workhorse that is the KitchenAid Stand Mixer and all the attachments that go with it! Seriously, this beast will last you for decades and when it comes time for whipping up sweet creations for your kids' bake sales or a huge batch of Thanksgiving mashed potatoes, you'll be more than a little prepared.

Pyrex® Simply Store 20-Piece Round Storage Set

pyrex storage set

It may not seem like a big deal now, but this easy-to-clean Pyrex set is fantastic for heating or freezing leftovers, meal prep, and other food storage needs. You will realize this once you've put your new immersion blender to good use!

Le Creuset Dutch Oven

red le creuset dutch oven

Le Creuset products are a mainstay in all things cooking, and if there's one thing you ought to have in your kitchen arsenal, it's one of their Dutch ovens. Broiling, baking, slow-cooking, boiling, what have you, Le Creuset's much-lauded Dutch Oven is up to the task. With its enameled coating, you don't have to season it like traditional cast-ironware. 

Elite Cuisine Triple Slow Cooker Buffet Server

elite cuisine triple slow cooker buffet server

You might think this is a touch excessive now, but just wait until you're hosting a slew of hungry in-laws for the holidays or when feeding the masses at a football watch party.

Know of another must-have a newlywed couple should have? Let us know in the comments!

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