Most employee firings happen after the annual office holiday party. Here's how you can avoid becoming a casualty.

Keep alcohol intake to a minimum

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Keep a two-drink max to prevent any embarrassing behavior. This is work, not a frat party.

Be polite

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Kelly in Accounting may be the office brat, but there's nothing to gain by being impolite or snide. This is a party, and no one needs unnecessary drama.

Don't touch your coworkers

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Unless you want to be labeled a #metoo case, keep your ever-loving hands to yourself.

Make sure your plus-one behaves

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If you can't trust your plus-one to not drink too much or say something inappropriate to your boss, leave them behind. If your plus-one happens to be your spouse, we recommend that you still don't bring them and seek marital counseling as soon as possible.

Dress conservatively

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Aim for business casual unless otherwise stated on the invite. If this party is leaning more towards cocktail attire, keep hemlines close to the knee and necklines near the collarbone. 

Unless there's a schedule of events, go home early

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There's no need to linger, especially if the crowd is getting amped up to the point where Tim in HR is starting to take notes.

When in doubt, stay home

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If you know you can't behave, or have a few behavioral strikes against you from earlier in the year, it's okay to sit this one out. 

Any other tips for behaving at the office Christmas party? Let us know in the comments below.