Forget campfire sing-a-longs, these summer camps kick their activities up a notch.

If your kid has unique hobbies, alternative interests, or a preference for high-octane sports, these camps below will guarantee the best summer vacation experience of their lives.

French Woods Circus Camp

If your kid believes they can fly through the air with the greatest of ease, French Woods Circus Camp will teach them the art of trapeze, fire-twirling, juggling, and more! So next time your youngster gets mad at you and threatens to join the circus, the joke's on them because you've already signed them up!

Camp Woodward

For kids who love extreme sports, Camp Woodward is the place to be. From skateboarding to gymnastics to snowboarding to parkour, all experience levels are welcome and they are guaranteed to have a skill-honing experience they'll never forget.

Pali Adventures Hollywood Stunt Camp

If you're raising the next Michael Bay or Bruce Lee, the Hollywood Stunt Camp program at Pali Adventures is one you don't want them to miss. Taught by actual film industry professionals, your kid will learn how to create a realistic fight scene, on-set safety measures, and much more.

Spy Camp at the International Spy Museum

Think your son or daughter has a solid future as a CIA agent? The Spy Camp program at the International Spy Museum in Washington, D.C. gives them the inside scoop on what it takes to work in the world of espionage. Here kids will learn escape and evasion techniques, how to crack secret codes, along with learning insider tips from real spies, and many other cool Mission Impossible-worthy skills.

NERF Zombie Camp at Guard Up! Summer Camps

For kids who live for movies and TV shows like The Walking Dead, this summer camp combines STEM learning with fighting off a zombie outbreak. Here, they'll learn how to apply survival techniques, problem-solving, environmental sciences, and other learnings to keeping those pesky zombies at bay.

Sherwood Forest Medieval Summer Camp

If your son or daughter lives for Renaissance Fairs or loves stories of King Arthur and The Crusades, the Sherwood Forest Medival Summer Camp takes them back in time to experience activities such as swordplay and falconry and they even get to sleep in a castle!