Realtor Dan Inman has been highlighting Norfolk businesses for an internet series called the "I Love Norfolk Show." Ever seen it?

Have you ever been curious about the people behind the small businesses in Norfolk? About the backstories of their establishments? Dan Inman of Inman Realty has been interviewing business owners across Norfolk for his internet series called the "I Love Norfolk Show," and it's a true gem that makes one proud to live here. 

Many of us walk into Norfolk's businesses, buy products, and walk out like nothing ever happened. But we rarely get to know the backstory behind these places, such as how The Dirty Buffalo or the Bold Mariner Brewery came to be.

Now we know.

The show serves as a reminder that Norfolk is truly a great place and that the businesses here are backed by resilient and incredible people. 

When Inman entered the real estate scene in Norfolk, he desired to do things differently. 

"The 'I Love Norfolk Show' is really an outpouring of a love affair of all things Norfolk," he told us. " I needed a way to be relevant to people outside of real estate. Although real estate is how I pay my bills, I didn't want to be just another agent that self-promotes through listing tours and open houses. Most people just don't give a sh**. This is a way for me to give back to the area I love while remaining front and center with future buyers and sellers. Plus, let's be perfectly frank -- I do love Norfolk and am genuinely interested in learning more about the lives and people that make this city great!"

We've often had outside networks highlight Norfolk establishments, but as a Norfolk resident, Inman brings a local flavor to the show that's infectious. It's just hard to watch these videos and not get a little pumped about living here! 

Have you seen the "I Love Norfolk Show"? What do you think? If not, check it out, and leave a comment below if you'd like to see Inman highlight a specific Norfolk business! 

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