Keep your devices out of sight during a wedding ceremony.

Hold on tight for this one, I'm hardcore clutching my pearls right about now. 

It seems that as our smartphones get smarter, we as human beings get dumber. I'm talking in this case about the use of a cell phone during a wedding ceremony. Wedding reception selfies with fellow friends and bridesmaids I get, but that is a party, not a ceremony. There is a reason why a couple spends good money hiring a wedding photographer to capture precious moments during their nuptials -- so that they can look back on their special day years down the road, not at A PHOTO OF YOUR HAND TAKING A PICTURE WITH YOUR iPHONE!

Florida-based wedding photographer, Ashtyn Bush, would have taken an exquisite photo of a newly-married couple if not for some yahoo thinking her photo op was more important. 

Ashtyn Brooke Photo, wedding guest with iphone blocking picture
Image courtesy Ashtyn Brooke Photo

Pardon me, darlings, I need to take a moment.

Have we become so comfortable with everything the digital age has to offer that we lost all of our common sense? It used to be that wedding guests were told to just silence their phones in case they rang during the service, now we need to encourage guests to put them away altogether. 

It's not your wedding. Yes, you love the couple. Yes, you're happy for them. But please, let the hired photographers do their job and don't get in the way of once-in-a-lifetime moments. 

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