Laughter through tears is truly the best emotion, right?!

In the arena of online dating, I wouldn't say I'm a rookie anymore nor would I ever want to be a veteran of it, but two years has me more than qualified to share some insights and my "Best Of" compilation of interactions and messages.

"Best Of" compilation so far ...

Here are some of the more interesting interactions and messages I've received within the past couple of years of dating. I'm sharing because "laughter through tears" is truly the best emotion, right?!:

  • A man texted me his resume—a full-on CV resume (please note: I did not request it, it was sent of his own volition.)
  • A young man (who could have very well been my son) messaged me that he "liked older women" and had "x" amount of piercings on his tongue (is this a thing? What do I know, I'm a Gen-Xer).
  • Another man messaged me and asked if this line in my bio: "getting out of my sweats, slipping into heels, and adult conversation," implied that I liked to "talk dirty." (Actually, now when I read it in that context, it does sound a little dirty—he's still a perv!)

And hands-down, this is by far my favorite: 

  • This guy messaged me: "I like Asian." (Okay, A**hole, you are all that's bad in this world!)

Oh, and lately, this gets messaged to me more often than not (refer to my previous piece on you gotta "pay to play"!): 

  • My subscription is ending any day now (could even be today), but my number is
  • My account is ending any moment now. Here's my number

What I've learned so far ...

  • Men who don't drink coffee and listen to Mumford & Sons should not be trusted (we get it, you're complex and emotionally unavailable).
  • Likewise, women who drink boxes of wines and listen to Sara Bareilles should not be trusted (I caught her world tour in Denver last October—big fan of Waitress, too).
  • People who don't like dogs are the devil (BIG RED FLAG: they prefer cats).
  • Men who have a photo in their profile of only their car, well, just refer to my previous piece on DON'Ts. (Similarly, they are usually the men who are devoid of any joy in their pictures—no smiles—not sexy.)
  • Men who wear flip-flops have underlying confidence that's pretty sexy. (Similarly, they are usually the men who play tag with your kids and wash your dishes—even sexier).

Online dating is not for the faint-hearted or weak. If you don't step back and laugh at the absurdity of it at times, it may just kill you. But truly, I've met some of the most interesting, unique, and passionate people during this time. I look forward to meeting more (most certainly, knowing that I'll regret writing that)!

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