Famed as "Poe's Last Stop" ...

The Horse You Came In On Saloon is Maryland's most haunted restaurant, according to Food Network.

Located on Thames Street in Baltimore, "The Horse" was established in 1775 and was one of Edgar Allen Poe's haunts—and apparently, it still is! Legend says that you can still find his ghost making its way to the saloon. Apparently the bartenders used to leave a glass of cognac out for him on a nightly basis. Patrons have reported seeing ghostly orbs float in the air as they nurse their own drinks (not cognac, though—it's no longer on the menu. I wonder what Poe has to say about that ...) at the bar.

"The Horse" is the only bar left in Maryland that operated before and after prohibition, and ghosts get thirsty, too! There are reports of shattering beer mugs (apparently ghosts spill their drinks as often as we do, too), the cash register drawer pops open without prompting, and the chandelier swings without wind. Sounds like this place is a regular party for the afterlife! And it's a party in real life, too! Their live music schedule is jam-packed daily and the margaritas are pouring.

Poe's portrait hangs on the wall behind the bar, reminding drinkers that we still don't quite know how this Baltimore legend died—just that he was found delusional in the streets late at night after visiting The Horse. Makes me wonder what he was drinking! But The Horse's drinkers don't seem too perturbed looking at his sad, haunting eyes as they raise a—yet unshattered—glass to him in a toast to his life and ghostly stories.

But even the manager, Rob Napier, once a supernatural-skeptic (but "nevermore"—haha, get it?) is now a full-time believer after witnessing some of Poe's unrestful shenanigans. He once saw a beer mug spontaneously shatter in the exact place one had broken at random the night before. By now the workers are on a first-name basis with the famed writer, and if you pay your respects and become a regular yourself, maybe you will be one day, too!

Have you ever visited The Horse You Came In On? Any ghostly stories to share? Tell us about your experience in the comments.