Cow-to-cone ice cream is a Maryland summer staple.

Few things help beat the Maryland summer heat like the amazing summer sweet treats we are known for in this great state, like fresh, homemade ice cream. Most people don't know that ice cream actually had many of its American firsts in Maryland: Governor Thomas Bladen served the first ice cream on the continent in 1774, while the first commercial sale of ice cream happened in Baltimore in 1851 (thanks, Jacob Fussell!).

Ice cream remains an amazing summer tradition across the state—from the Charmery in Baltimore City, all the way out to the dairy farms in the counties. And some of those dairy farms make up what is known as Maryland's Best Ice Cream Trail: a collection of 10 dairies that offer cow-to-cone creameries where they make their own delicious, amazing ice cream.

The Prigel Family Creamery is one cow-to-cone stop on the ice cream trail. Located in the Glen Arm area of Baltimore County, this quaint creamery and shop sits on an active dairy farm on Long Green Road (4852 Long Green Road, Glen Arm, MD 21057).

The storefront on the farm is currently running in two parts: groceries (like meat and cheese) inside and ice cream treats through the window on the porch.

Prigel Family Creamery

Courtesy of Prigel Family Creamery

This is a working dairy farm, and they take great care of their cows. The cows are totally grass-fed, and the farm is certified organic. If you’re lucky, you may even get to see the herd of 180 cows making the twice-a-day journey from one field to the other. The milk that these happy, healthy cows produce goes into all of the yogurt and milk that the farm sells in the shop and is one of the ingredients in the ice cream that the creamery makes and sells.

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