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"Billionaire" by Delta Goodrem

Released: March 19, 2021


  • Honest, raw passion, and resiliency behind lyrics
  • Dramatic, hair-raising musical introduction
  • Crunchy guitars clashing against string composition and Goodrem's soaring vocals
  • Fast-paced, country twang echoing throughout the track

Standout lyrics: "I didn't drink till I was twenty-seven / The day I went to numb the pain inside me / The emptiness was showing / The hate around me growing / I thought I had to bury my self-worth."

"Deepest Lonely" by Birdy

Released: March 19, 2021
Album: Young Heart


  • Clear, haunting range of vocals bringing everything together both as background chorus and verses
  • Lyrics framed as both self-talk and to someone else
  • Atmospheric tension created by background chorus, piano notes, and main chorus guitar elements

Standout lyrics: "Oh, my deepest lonely / Why don't we waste another day / Starin' out my window in the mornin' rain? / Oh, my deepest lonely / It's me and you again."

"Livin" by Shaun Ross

Released: March 19, 2021
Album: Shift


  • Techno-mellow beats building up throughout track
  • Dreamy vocals preaching about living your life, creating this reassuring sense for listeners
  • Dance-worthy rhythm with hints of nostalgia

Standout lyrics: "Gonna fill up on the love / That I'm receiving / Overnight it to the world / By this evening."

"Rise" by Lost Frequencies

Released: March 19, 2021
Album: Unknown


  • Empowering lyrics that capture last year's feelings of ups and downs
  • Quickly sang verses building anticipation for the dramatic, triumphant chorus
  • Soulful vocals juxtaposed against a techno, DJ-inspired dance track
  • Delightful amalgamation of genres

Standout lyrics: "It's been a hard year, feelin' the weight now / All of the hurt, all of the dirt, all of the shame now / Nothing but closed doors, not gonna break down."

"Cheer Up Baby" by Inhaler

Released: March 17, 2021
Album: It Won't Always Be Like This


  • Drips with retro, '80s nostalgia
  • Easy-going musical composition complimenting radio-friendly vocals
  • Fast-paced rhythm, from strumming guitars to building chorus

Standout lyrics: "And I lie in my bed / Under the covers / Never ever to be discovered / Oh and you walked into my room / To offer me a better view / Like I had no clue."

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