Summer grooves are officially in swing!

This week, we're covering new singles from Imagine Dragons, Gashi, Sigala, and more! Did your new favorite song make our list? Check 'em out below:

"Wrecked" - Imagine Dragons

Released: July 2, 2021

Album: Upcoming Mercury - Act 1


  • Incredible visual video that accompanies the audio track
  • Light, rolling guitar chords that give the song an easy, breezy vibe
  • The drastic change in the vocal range between verses and chorus, going from soft and elongated drawls to hard yells

Standout Lyrics: "They say that the time will heal it, the pain will go away / But everything, it reminds me of you and it comes in waves / The way you laugh when your shoulders shook, the time you took / To teach me all that you had taught / Tell me, how am I supposed to move on?"

"Lease on Life" - Andy Grammar

Released: June 27, 2021

Album: Upcoming fifth album 


  • Quick-paced guitar fingering hand-in-hand with the jouncy beat
  • Stand-out bass percussion that precedes the chorus, giving it more power
  • Grammar's triumphant and optimistic take on life echoing in the chorus

Standout Lyrics: "You're the side where the grass is green / Yeah you shake me like a tambourine / No jerseys but we make quite a team"


"You For Me" - Sigala and Rita Ora

Released: July 2, 2021

Album: Standalone Single


  • Perfect summer pop banger
  • Bright, electronic beats gushing from the opening to the end
  • Vibrant synths interlaying with Ora's glamorous pop vocals

Standout Lyrics: "Fingers are holding you right at the edge / You're slipping out of my hands / Keeping my secrets all up in my head / I'm scared that you won't want me back"

"Don't Pass on Love" - Gashi

Released: June 29, 2021

Album: Single


  • Pleasantly subdued pop track oozing with charisma
  • The sultry, grinding rhythm that will make you wish you were on a dance floor
  • Fast raps that mimic the rapid beats

Standout Lyrics: "You know my girl never do no wrong / So beautiful, never take too long / Ain't waiting for no side piece / Girl, you my dime piece"


"Starting Line" - Luke Hemmings

Released: June 30, 2021

Album: Upcoming When Facing the Things We Turn Away From


  • The dramatic piano notes that seem to escalate with rising tension
  • Hemmings vocals going higher and higher until reaching the introduction of a faster pace and rock-heavy elements
  • The amazing distinction from the slower, soft-induced first half of the song and the breathtaking, atmospheric second one

Standout Lyrics: "Tell mе, am I broken? / I can never lеave / Biting on my tongue and / Checking if it bleeds / Oh, is it lost on me?"


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