These new jams will help you get in the right vibes for fall! We're covering new singles from CL, Chelsea Cutler, Ghost, and more!

"Hunter's Moon" - Ghost

Released: September 30, 2021

Album: From Halloween Kills Soundtrack


  • Creepy, exciting lyrical content that aligns with the movie's events but also serves as standalone content
  • Gritty, strummy guitar playing for the verses with impressive electric thrills bridging to the chorus
  • A blend of metal, folk, and gothic elements in a cinematic experience

Standout Lyrics: "Though my memories are faded / They come back to haunt me once again / And though my mind is somewhat jaded / Now it's time for me to strike again / Tonight"

"Crazy Family" - Megan Thee Stallion Maluma, and Rock Mafia

Released: September 27, 2021

Album: From the Addams Family Soundtrack


  • Deliciously throbbing beat that never stops throughout the track
  • Each singer's different vocal textures and range offer so much power and appeal from verses to chorus
  • The sultry, Latin rhythm and wind instruments are towards the song's closure

Standout Lyrics: "We slide, we creep / All down your street / They say we're freaks / I'm saying they're with me / We're so unique / We are black sheep / We're one big crazy family"

"Devil on My Shoulder" - Chelsea Cutler 

Released: October 1, 2021

Album: Devil on My Shoulder


  • Beautiful nature imagery creates a jarring effect between desolate, internal feelings 
  • Cutler's soft, breathy vocals trembling over the words with such emotion and vulnerability
  • The push and pull of piano notes resounding with each vocal note

Standout Lyrics: "We’ve been here before / Constellations in the carpet / And it’s not even getting dark yet / There’s always thunder in August / Before the storm"

"Lover Like Me" - CL

Released: September 29, 2021

Album: Lover Like Me


  • The striking difference between CL's quick-fire, punctuating jabs during the chorus and her more tilting, elongated vocals during the verses
  • Jarring piano notes echoing CL's lyrics
  • Gloss-like synths that give an ethereal overhead to the song's chorus

Standout Lyrics: "Now you got some time riding solo / Trying to get me back on a low-low / Baby, let me tell you it's a no, no / I think that you should go home"

"Spit of You" - Sam Fender

Released: September 27, 2021

Album: Seventeen Going Under


  • Pleasant, campfire song feel with its easy-going electric guitar chords and subdued percussion
  • Fender's mellow vocals ooze comfort and sadness
  • The sense of nostalgia and sadness bleeds through the musical components and lyrics

Standout Lyrics: "Stomach hurts all the time / Can't shift it / Been like that since eight / Knotted up with the baggage / Neck like a stone / All sounds just like you"

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