The wildlife suburban shenanigans sightings just keep coming.  

The wildlife suburban shenanigans continued in Colorado this week, with a pair of young bobcats on a trampoline, no doubt! CBS Denver shared the bobcat video (below), which was filmed in the backyard by the Lone Tree homeowner. 

Over the years, wildlife has been caught on film doing just the same, and Colorado seems to be the perfect playground not only for bobcats but for foxes ...

And elk ...

Ever since the pandemic, the mass human exodus from public spaces ensued, and with it went the "noise pollution." It seems that wildlife has come out of hiding and now is occupying the spaces that were once filled with people, including the Louisville resident that caught this curious bobcat on camera, as reported by 9news.

As the wildlife encounters may increase (closer at home) for humans during COVID, please be mindful to leave wildlife alone to ensure your safety as well as theirs. While it may be entertaining to watch wildlife take part in human experiences, it usually doesn't end well when humans take part in wildlife experiences. 

What's your craziest experience with wildlife? Share with us in the comments.