According to investigators, the incident happened late Sunday night in Southeast DC.

The DC Fire and EMS responded to 96 fire incidents beginning July 4 and continuing until early morning July 5 due to irresponsible handling and usage of illegal fireworks. This caused some severe damages in the District, reported the Fire Department. In one such incident on the 1800 block of T place SE, three cars burned in flames from fire probably caught from fireworks.

Malcolm Welborn, Boubacar Idrissa, and Shanise Young had their cars parked along T street, and now, they are hoping to get the damage covered by their insurance.

"Just unbelievable, I can't believe it happened," Welborn said in a statement on Monday. It's been less than a year that Welborn had bought his Subaru Legacy 2020. "I don't know if it's worth this," he said. "So, I would tell people you need to be extremely careful."

"I definitely am [angry]. Because I got to start all the way over," said Young.

It's still not known yet who is responsible, but the city saw lots of cast-offs and cardboards used to set off exploding, flying fireworks on the curbside on Monday.

According to a resident across the 1800 block, the fireworks produced immense heat and loud noise. "The sound is coming through as if you are literally in a war zone. It's very disruptive. It can be quite shocking," said the man. 

In D.C., any firework which moves, flies or explodes, is illegal to sell and use. On July 3, fire investigators shut down a stand for selling dangerous fireworks without a permit. By July 4, fire officials had already confiscated almost 2,500 pounds of illegal fireworks.

As reported by officials, apart from damage, four people suffered minor injuries on Sunday in D.C. 

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