Bundle up; it's about to get colder! Saturday precipitation will bring rain to most of Virginia and a rain/snow mix in NoVA, D.C., and parts of Maryland.

Enjoy the unseasonably mild weather while it lasts; today will be the end of this week's warmer temperatures, according to Weather.com. Throughout the region, temperatures will plummet and stay in the 30s for Friday on into the weekend. 

This weekend will be a messy one, with just about everyone around the region getting rain. In D.C. and northern areas of Virginia and Maryland, you'll see a possible rain/snow mix, but nothing will stick around due to warm ground temperatures.

For anyone lucky enough to get snow, Accuweather is forecasting between 1 to 3 inches of it. Not quite enough to sled on, unless you're really fast and get to it before it melts!

weather map

Courtesy of Accuweather

The same winter storm passing through our area will bring significant snowfall to a large portion of the Great Lakes area and the Northeast. Be sure to keep an eye on flight delays if you have a trip planned.

To sum it all up: Expect colder temperatures starting tonight, rain everywhere, rain/snow mix in northern parts of the DMV, and barely enough snow for sledding. Plan your weekend accordingly—this is a great time to make a pot of chicken soup or throw something in the crockpot!

What are your thoughts on this mild winter we're having? Do you miss the snow or do you love not having to shovel? Sound off in the comments!