Good luck, Rescue Rob!

Rob Garner, better known as "Rescue Rob", in Bronco-fan circles, found out on Jan. 28 that he is one of three finalists for induction into the Ford Hall of Fans in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. His competition is Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan Keith Kunzig and Kansas City Chiefs fan Janel Renee Carbajo.

The finalists were chosen via online voting for favorite NFL superfans across the nation. They all won a trip to the Super Bowl and will eagerly await the winning knock at their hotel door by Pro Football Hall of Fame president and CEO David Baker.

The first knock at the door that Rob Garner received turned out to be none other than Bronco's Hall of Fame cornerback, Champ Bailey. Bailey let him know he was one of six people to be considered for the Ford Hall of Fans

Garner is a full-time firefighter for the Poudre Fire Authority, has been a season ticket holder since 2010. He is widely known for his love of the Broncos, his team-themed fire gear, and throwing home-game tailgate parties at his custom-designed fire engine, raising over $10,000 to donate to various charities. According to his profile on, he also drives the engine to fundraisers for other charity events, including those for Children's Hospital, the Denver Rescue Mission, and the Ronald McDonald House.

"I am over the top. I am so excited," Garner said in a Facebook post. "I want to thank everybody. I want to thank all of Broncos country. I want to thank the Broncos for nominating me, and Champ Bailey for coming to my house and knocking on my door that first time." He also thanked his family and gave credit to his mom for teaching what it means to be a fan. 

You can see his post below!

What do you say, Broncos country—let's all send good vibes Rob's way, as he waits to see if he is inducted into the Ford Hall of Fans!