Custer County's county commissioners voted to resume all business and living back to "normal" on Wednesday morning.

Custer County, a small town located west of Pueblo with a population of approximately 4,700 people, made the decision on Wednesday to lift all COVID restrictions. It was a 2:1 vote in favor of resuming life as usual, with the commitment to re-evaluate this decision every two weeks.

According to Fox31, this decision came to be since hospitalizations in the county are down.

Commissioner Bill Canada, who voted for the restrictions to be lifted, said, “I believe we are being responsible. I also believe the health of this state, this county, is more than just keeping everybody away from COVID, it’s also building the economy, giving them a chance, and getting the mental processes going again for our people to become more active and more productive.”

Commissioner Tom Flower was not in agreement, “I believe as a member of the public health board our due diligence here is to err on the side of caution.”

With Broomfield county moving their COVID dial down to blue most recently and now Custer County removing all COVID regulations, Colorado looks to be cautiously optimistic that we're moving out of the pandemic danger zone. Follow the OCN updates on additional COVID county restrictions.

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