D.C. Water Cares is a multi-pronged initiative designed to help residents in financial need.

The newest program addresses renters who may not even pay water bills directly by lowering their corresponding rental fees or HOA dues. During these trying times marked with widespread national unemployment, the plan was developed to directly assist residents with their monthly utility expenses.

The Multifamily Assistance Program was designed to lessen the burden on D.C. residents who live in apartment buildings and low-income condominiums, where the water charges are rolled up into monthly fees. Landlords and owners all over the city are signing up to give their tenants a break on rent or HOA charges, depending on their financial circumstances.  

Applicants should start by visiting the D.C. Water website and determining their eligibility. The Multifamily Assistance Program will enroll customers in three phases: 

  • Residents in Affordable Housing Units will be notified in February 2021.
  • Benefit Eligible occupants can apply and enroll in March 2021.
  • Additional occupants who are eligible due to income can apply through the District Department of Energy and Environment in April 2021. 
  • Property owners and Home Owners' Associations (HOAs) can apply to participate online. D.C. Water will also reach out to them if their tenants apply for benefits directly.

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For more information about any of the Multifamily Assistance Program, visit the D.C. Water website or give them a call at (202) 354-3750. You can also email them specific questions at [email protected] or follow along on their Twitter feed for updates. Several other financial assistance programs are currently available to D.C. residents based on income and need.

Have you applied for one of the D.C. Water Cares assistance programs? How did the screening process go for you? Let us know in the comments.