These fake trick-or-treating rules have been making waves on social media.

A set of so-called "Halloween Rules" has been making the rounds on social media and the Denver Police Department has warned that they are, in fact, fake.

Some of the rules set age limits for trick-or-treaters and cites a list of false municipal and city codes, as well as puts a curfew on trick or treaters. The claims even threatens children over the age of 12 with fines or incarceration if they are caught trick-or-treating.

No such codes exist, and trick-or-treaters of all ages are welcome to partake in the fun. There is no curfew on when folks can go trick-or-treating in Denver, so stay out and about as long as you like. (If you can keep warm enough to get out, that is!)

There is no information as far as who is behind the phony rules or what the intention behind posting them was.

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Denver PD advises you follow these guidelines for trick-or-treating that were put together by the Denver Fire Department:

Hopefully, this has cleared up the false claims because this is not the kind of Halloween trick we like; it seems mean and not done in good fun. With everything going on in the world, shouldn’t kids have one night of fun to go out, use their imaginations, and get some free candy?

This is just another reminder for parents to be safe and make sure you know where your kiddos are and who they are with! And remember to check that candy.

Have you seen any other fake Halloween rules or information circulating online? Let us know in the comments below. Have a safe and happy Halloween!