Ding dong! The dog came home!

When fireworks went off last Sunday in a neighborhood in Greenville, South Carolina, Rajah the dog jumped over her owners' fence and bolted, clearly frightened. The 18-month-old lab-Catahoula Leopard Dog mix belonged to couple Mary Lynn and Ryan Washick, who were worried as to her whereabouts. 

"Ryan and I were freaking out and we felt really helpless," said Mary Lynn Whitacre. 

This feeling is definitely what people can experience around the Fourth of July when there are fireworks. It is easy for them to scare dogs since pets may be sensitive to loud noises.

The couple drove around in search of their dog, with Washick walking for miles in search at one point. They also shared pictures of Rajah on their social media pages in the hopes someone would identify her. After almost seven hours, the Whitacres were not only excited at the return of Rajah but shocked as well ... because Rajah had rung the doorbell!

"She was just sitting there," Washick said.

Mary Lynn Whitacre stated how odd it was that Rajah had known how to use the doorbell, considering she and her husband rarely used it.

Even still, their dog came home by pressing the electronic device with her nose at around 3 a.m. The Ring camera at the couple's home proferred evidence of this:

Where did Rajah go after running from the Whitacre's backyard?

Mary Lynn Whitacre doesn't know but commented on her return via Facebook, saying, "She had thorns on her and seemed to have rolled in poop .... So, it seems like she had a great time."

Whitacre added that Rajah behaved in the manner of being in trouble.

Ultimately, the couple celebrated their dog's return.

“But we were so happy she was home and she just slept instantly,” Washick said. He plans on perhaps putting up more fencing around their yard to prevent future situations like this one.

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