Pike Carlson, the 8-year-old mountain lion attack victim, just wants to reassure everyone he’s okay.

On August 21, 2019, the Carlson family lived out their worst nightmare. Pike, 8, played outside on the trampoline when a neighbor friend called for him. As he walked through the woods toward his friend, he was being followed by a mountain lion.

The mountain lion pounced, then started biting Pike on his head, and luckily, the 8-year-old's dad stepped into to intervene. The boy was then sent to the hospital to treat his injuries. More details, including Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s response, can be found here

Last week, the Carlson family spoke with Denver7 on what happened.

Carlson’s father acted quickly because of his own parental instincts. "That's the motion I picked up, and that made me snap. All you know is your child is in danger. And you can't let that continue, and you're going to do whatever it takes to take care of them," Carlson told Denver7.

Things did not go smoothly for Pike. After the attack, his skull was cracked and required 62 staples, as well as surgery on his eyelid. Pike is in high spirits, however.

"I can see out of it," Pike describes while showing the reporters his eye movement. He’s more concerned about reassuring everyone else about his recovery and safety than he’s worried about himself.

While we are so happy to know that Pike Carlson is okay, this isn’t the first attack from a wild animal that's occurred in Colorado over the last few months. Several sightings of wildlife have been reported throughout the state, including bear attacks in Aspen. As concerning as these attacks may be, knowing what to do and how to protect yourself may be the difference of life and death.

What do you think of the mountain lion attack? Send your well wishes to Pike and his family in the comments below!