You have until August 30 to place your bids for a chance to name the cubs!

The season of babies is not over for the Virginia Zoo! On June 18, they welcomed three baby red pandas—triplets! They were born to mom Masu, 3, and dad Timur, 4. The babies weighed 3 ounces when they were born but are reportedly over a pound each now and are flourishing. 

Masu and the babies are being kept in a climate-controlled den until they are strong enough to climb trees and navigate the exhibit where they will be able to be viewed come this fall. During their time in this den, they have been able to bond and care for each other while being monitored by zoo staff. 

“Having red panda triplets is a unique situation,” said Dr. Colleen Clabbers, the Virginia Zoo’s veterinarian.“It’s a lot of work for mom to care for three newborns, but Masu is doing a great job caring for triplets, and all three have been thriving.”

Just look at how cute they are!!

Baby Red Panda

Courtesy of Virginia Zoo

How to Name Them

Once again, the Virginia Zoo is giving you an opportunity to name the red panda cubs, but this time, it's being done through an auction. The zoo is asking fans of the baby cubs to place bids on their website by August 30 at midnight. Better hurry, though: One baby has already been claimed!

Just place your bid here (if you have the financial means!) and cross your fingers that you are the winner!

As expected, the zoo will have the final decision with the name and will consider all of your suggestions, but please refrain from using the names of the pandas that have previously lived there. They are looking for something new. 

If you cannot afford to name one of the pandas, you have other opportunities to contribute to the cubs. You can symbolically "adopt" all three red pandas for $60 or donate to the zoo! The proceeds are intended to will help with the care of the cubs, as well as support for conservation efforts and the Red Panda Network.

Take advantage of this amazing opportunity while you can get your paws on it! We can't wait to see what names were chosen!

What name do you think they should pick for the red pandas? Do you think they are adorable? Do you plan to go see them? Tell us in the comments!