This February was the coldest in 32 years. 

Old Man Winter finally decided to make an appearance this season, and he definitely put the freeze on the Denver area. 

February 2021 will go on the books as the coldest in 32 years. Averaging a temperature of just 25.4 degrees, it ranks as the 11th coldest February in Denver on record, just displacing the month in 1874. 

About 70 percent of the days, the temperatures in February were below normal, averaging around 7 degrees less than usual.  

The recent arctic blast brought record lows across the state mid-month definitely helped us reach that 11th coldest ranking. Denver clocked a frigid -16 degree low on the morning of February 15.

While that was very cold, it was not even near the coldest temperature the Mile High City has seen in February. 

February 1, 1951, and February 8, 1936, both recorded lows of -25 degrees. February 5, 1989, saw a low of -24 degrees, and February 6, 1899, and February 4, 1883, came in with a low of -22 degrees. 

Denver's coldest low occurred on January 9, 1875, when the temperatures plummeted to an icy -29 degrees. 

The city has recorded -20 below and colder 29 times since 1872, and nine of those occurrences happened in February. January holds the most record cold days. 

So, as we thaw out from February, what does March have in store? Well, if the first week or two are any indicators, we are headed to spring. Some toasty 50 and 60 degree days are headed our way. But, don't get too comfortable, as March is considered one of our snowiest months. Denver averages 10.7 inches of snow based on 1981-2010 averages. predicts snow coming in around March 19-23, then rain after that. 

Are you ready for spring? Or do you wish Colorado has more winter coming? Let us know in the comments.