A new grocery store supplying local goods is coming this spring.

Leevers Locavore is going to take the former location of 38th's Save-A-Lot to house a hub full of all local foods and beverages. Leevers is not your traditional grocery store; it incorporates the best elements of a food hall, much like The Source, but here you can take care of your weekly shopping list.

The 18,000-square-foot space will be filled with a wide selection of produce and meats, plus room to relax while you enjoy a delicious meal, have a cup of coffee, or a beer after work. This is one establishment you need to keep on your radar!

Leevers also only partners with reputable local producers, restauranteurs, and like-minded vendors to supply the Highlands neighborhood and surrounding area with quality products. One vendor they've recently become partners with is acclaimed Denver chef Justin Brunson, who was featured on Food Network's SEARious Meats.

leevers locavore concept art

If you're looking for a down-home, welcoming feel as you shop for food or just need a place to relax and people-watch with a latte in hand, Leevers has you covered. Forget the unforgiving aisles and exasperated staff of traditional chain grocery stores, this market/neighborhood watering hole hybrid is warm and inviting and the establishment is 100 percent employee-owned.

So for all you Highlands, Northside, Sunnyside, and Berkeley residents who need a break from a conventional grocery store experience (and a drink), keep your eyes open for a new neighborhood market that's shaking up traditional grocery shopping.

Stay up to date on their grand opening and learn more about their partnerships by visiting their Facebook page.