If you need to catch a ride-share service at the airport, you'll have to take it down a level from now on. 

Uber, Lyft and other ride app services have new pick-up and drop-off locations, as of June 18. The areas have taken it down a notch to Level 5, so be sure to make a note or you might be wondering why no one is picking you up on the old location on Level 6.  

The Ride-Share Service Drop-off is now at Level 5, curbside. Passengers on departing flights will now be dropped off at their airline gate on both the east and west side of the terminal.  

The Ride-Share Service Pick-up is now at Level 5, Island 5. If you have requested a ride through a ride app, you have options for pick-up on both the west and east sides of the terminal. For the west side, exit through doors 506-510. For the east side, exit doors 507-511. Simply head over to Island 5 from there to find your ride.  

All the ride app services will now be located where all other ground transportation services already exist.

“We have worked with our ride app partners to improve the overall experience for both ride app customers and drivers,” said DEN Chief Operating Officer Chris McLaughlin in a statement. “The new pickup and drop-off locations will help connect passengers and drivers more efficiently while also reducing curbside congestion on Level 6.”

It will help speed the process because pickup will now be on the same level as baggage claim. DIA suggests requesting your ride service after you collect your luggage from baggage claim, and then simply cruise out of the suggested doors to find the pickup area. Just remember 5-5 (i.e. Level 5, Island 5) to meet your ride, whether you are on the west side or east side of the terminal. 

And, of course, please look before you step out into traffic at the loading zones. 

"As always, drivers and pedestrians are reminded to remain alert and look out for one another while in the ground transportation area," said DIA. 

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