Please welcome Aster, Swifty, and Aspen!

The people have spoken! Following through on a public vote to name three adorable black-footed ferret kits, the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute revealed the winning names this week.

Without further ado, please welcome Aster, Aspen, and Swifty!

The three names were chosen from 6,700 votes cast on multiple platforms offered by the National Zoo. Each name reflects the flora and fauna of their native habitats. Aster, a vibrant purple flower found on the prairie, was selected for the female kit through a public poll on the zoo's website. Swifty, inspired by the Swift Fox of North America, was chosen by zoo members through an e-newsletter. Finally, players of the mobile game Zoo Guardians chose the name Aspen for the first-born male, which refers to the "Quaking Aspen" plant.

Votes were taken between July 20-25, with a total of nine names to choose from. The Smithsonian Institute announced the results on Tuesday, July 27 on their website and social media accounts.

Otherwise known as American polecats, black-footed ferrets reside in prairie lands across the United States. The species were initially thought to be extinct, but a colony of 18 ferrets located in Wyoming back in 1981 revived conservation efforts, including at the SCBI. Over 1,000 ferrets have been born at the institute in Front Royal, Virginia since 1988, with 10 percent produced through artificial insemination. A pre-conditioning program also provides an opportunity for animals to re-enter the wild.

Personally, we think all of the names are winners, don't you? If you want to catch more of these cuties and their mom Potpie, you can find them on their own webcam at the National Zoo's website.

Did you vote for any of the winning names? Share your picks with us in the comments.