The space will welcome children of all abilities to enjoy the thrills of a brand-new inclusive playground. 

A brand-new tree house for children is in construction at Stanley Marketplace, and it will be accessible for all. The Home Depot Foundation partnered with LuBird's Light Foundation to build the new attraction to be handicap-accessible and inclusive for children of all abilities. 

The treehouse playground will include handicap-accessible swings, slides, and spinners. There will also be musical sensory equipment, barrier-free surfacing, and additional inclusive features. 

Construction on the playground began last September, and builders hope to complete it this month.

"There are over 74,000 kids with disabilities in Colorado, and most playgrounds do not give these children an opportunity to experience the fun and joy of being outdoors with their peers," a statement on LuBird's Light Foundation website said. "Play is critical to the healthy growth and development of children starting at a young age. Children learn to problem solve, get along with others and develop fine and gross motor skills needed to grow and learn through play. Language skills are also developed as children interact with others. When all are welcomed and included, a playground can be the perfect setting to develop these important skills."

The Stanley Marketplace playground will be the first inclusive playground in Denver and Aurora. 

LuBird's Light Foundation is a nonprofit organization founded in 2017 in the name of Lucia, a young girl born with a rare genetic condition. The organization strives to create more accessible and inclusive playgrounds for children and families of all needs in the Denver metro area. 

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