A large party in the University Hill area broke out on Saturday and created a "large-scale disturbance" for the college and its neighbors.

On Saturday, March 6, The University Hill area in Boulder experienced a "large-scale disturbance" after hundreds of unmasked college students descended on The Hill for a massive street party. Social media framed the story on 10th Street near Pennsylvania as the party raged on for several hours, which escalated into a riot.  Police officers tried to break up the massive party and were met with flying bricks and rocks from the crowd, as well as the crowd overturning police cars and damaging a police armored vehicle and fire truck. Minor injuries were suffered by the Boulder SWAT team. No other injuries were reported at this time.

The University of Colorado chancellor issued a firm and succinct statement to students on Sunday, March 7:

"Any student who is found responsible for engagement in acts of violence or other egregious acts connected to the events––including damage to property and not dispersing when ordered by police––will face serious sanctions up to expulsion from CU Boulder without the possibility of readmission, and may also face criminal and civil sanctions from the city and the county. Anyone with information to assist in the investigations now taking place can submit leads to Boulder Police Department."

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