The episode you didn't see coming ...

In case you need to catch up on last week's Eagle episode, here's a quick recap: Justice flew the coop (ahem, nest) when Aaron Burrd seemingly murdered him (but probably just injured his pride) so he could take Liberty for himself. Not one to miss out on his chance at romance, M2 took this opportunity to also vie for Liberty's heart. But this week, Team Burrd and Team Justice fans are in for a real shock ...

M2 wins the battle for Liberty's heart. Burrd is just too cruel for her liking, his laziness forcing Liberty to leave her eggs in search of food. But after 15 years of true love with Justice, Liberty's heart remains heavy and empty. Their mansion-nest haunts her with memories of all the eaglets she and Justice raised together over the years.

Liberty can't sleep at night. Her eggs have gone cold in the nest beneath her, and she blames herself. M2 hovers close, knowing that while she's let him into her nest, she will never truly let him into her heart.

The wind ruffles their feathers as they stare into the pitiless night (this is speculation -- it is a soap opera, you know). M2 knows that it's time to move on. As more and more eagles move into D.C., not only is competition for a nest like Liberty's is getting high, but more suitors will be knocking at their door ... uh, nest. Even though she's chosen M2 over Burrd, his jealousy warns him that it might not be the end of the battle for her heart. The possibility of Justice returning looms too high, and as an audience we are left to wonder if M2's desire to move on is really more sinister than we thought before. (More speculation, but tensions are running high!)

After her nightlong vigil, Liberty is ready to say good-bye. There will be no chicks peeking out from beneath her strong wings this spring. The nest holds nothing for her now -- no eaglets, no Justice, no hope. With the world begging her not to go, Liberty takes flight with M2, off to seek a new life with her new mate.

We watch the nest, a pit of despair growing in our own hearts. The sun rises and sets. New, unfamiliar eagles fly in and out, trying the nest out for size. And the realization sets in: the battle royale for the nest has just begun.

Earth Conservation Corps empty nest

Courtesy of Earth Conservation Corps

Have you been watching the soap opera surrounding Liberty? What are your hopes for her in the future? What do you think happened to Justice? Tell us in the comments!


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