What was meant to be a feel-good video became a hilarious takedown of bear versus camera.

Colorado bears are taking advantage of their 15 minutes of fame. A week ago, a black bear was caught on video running alongside a moving car, reminding us all what is often forgotten. Bears are very fast and you should never try to outrun them.

This week, the encounter was less speedy but high impact. Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) posted a video of a bear running down a camera that was supposed to capture the release of the animal, along with its two cubs. What was supposed to be a sweet, and informative video, ended up being quite unexpected.

CPW states in its tweet that the sow and her two cubs were found wandering around a neighborhood in Boulder, gorging on people's fruit trees and then falling asleep in the neighbor's backyards. The three bears were captured and relocated in the wild near Estes Park.

The camera captures a front angle of the release. When the cage is opened, two of the bears rush out into the wild. The third one, the culprit, jumps out once the other two are out of frame, charging directly into the camera and taking it down with its front paw.

Fortunately, an additional camera was set up from a different angle which captures the entire clumsy moment.

Another reminder that bears are not to be messed with. Colorado is in the height of the bear season and it's likely more encounters will happen in the upcoming weeks. CPW advises not to outrun a bear, as moving suddenly will likely trigger its instinct to chase. Instead, they recommend backing away slowly if the bear isn't looking, avoiding eye contact. If a bear charges, stand your ground and speak in a monotone voice.

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