Colorado's wildlife don't mess around. 

*Warning: This video shows a graphic wildlife battle and explicit language. Viewer discretion is advised. 

A group of fishermen in Colorado witnessed something that even those who spend much of their time in the wilderness won't ever see in their lifetime. 

On January 16, a face-to-face fight between a large 8-point buck and a mountain lion was captured via video. The scene played out in front of stunned ice fishers, who had gone to Blue Mesa Reservoir in Gunnison, Colorado, for an annual trip but instead found all the action right in their backyard.

"For our 3rd Annual ice fishing trip, we decided to go to Gunnison Co, Blue mesa reservoir this year. I said I had seen a mountain lion the 2 previous trips when I did not. It was a running joke. This time guys! I'm not joking, and it's in our backyard!!!" said the contributor of the video, shared via Rumble. 

The video shows the mountain lion clearly sizing up the buck for his dinner and found himself on the end of a battle. The video definitely shows the brutal reality of nature, as the mountain lion latches onto the buck's nose, and the buck is fighting back for his life, flinging the lion back and forth and dragging him across the yard.

Watch the battle via Rumble below: 

While people know the inherent dangers of predators, this video shows that all animals in nature can do some damage—that buck certainly is giving the lion a run for its money (and deer and elk have been known to go after humans in their space, as well). It's not clear how the struggle ended, as the video doesn't follow it until the conclusion. While the video is pretty shocking, it serves as a reminder that wildlife isn't to be trifled with. It's always best to give wildlife a lot of space and let them be wild

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