They are taking donations to help them stay afloat!

The Virginia Zoo in Norfolk was one of the many businesses forced to close upon the COVID-19 pandemic. Even with Governor Ralph Northam’s reopening of the state this weekend, however, the famous attraction is not quite ready to open up to the public again.

“The Zoo’s more than 700 animal residents are at the heart of everything we do,” the official website says. “Their health is our top priority so we are taking every precaution to safeguard their well-being as well as their Zoo Keepers and the rest of our staff.”

While the zoo is certainly not the only business maintaining closure, it will no doubt be a major disappointment to families around the state. The website goes on to acknowledge that they are about ready to miss their busiest time of year. 

It is doubtful, however, that an organization like the Virginia Zoo would let itself be run into the ground. On top of questions over lost jobs, one can’t help but wonder where the animals would be sent. In that vein, they have started requesting donations for an “Emergency Operating Fund.”

Thanks to the zoo’s wide appeal, reaching out to the community for support might be worth their efforts. Other businesses impacted by the virus have already conceded to shutting down completely, and many smaller businesses simply don’t have the notoriety for such a donation strategy to work.

This pandemic has hit the United States and the world in a way we haven’t seen in most of our lifetimes. While much of life has been left unpredictable, here’s hoping that the Virginia Zoo, along with other businesses, manage to overcome the hardships.