The hunt is on!

Just when we thought 2020 was a goner, a real-life treasure hunt is here to give us hope of a better tomorrow. 

The Blackbeard Treasure hunt has begun! Hidden in 10 states across the country, $10 million lies in wait for those clever enough to find it—10 folks could take home $1 million each. The hunt claims to be the largest, most exciting, and most extreme treasure hunt in the world. There are only two people who know where the treasure chests are hidden: the founder of The Blackbeard Treasure LLC company and an official from the accounting firm Deloitte.

Treasure chests have been hidden in California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Texas. 

Anyone who wants to can hunt for the treasure, with maps for each state available online. Once purchased, treasure hunters will be sent a downloadable map with clues and riddles leading to the treasure chest for that state. There are a limited number of maps for each state available and they are on sale now for $49.99.

"With The Blackbeard Treasure hunt, our goal is to get people excited about getting outside, either by themselves or with friends and family, in order to have the adventure of a lifetime," said Justin Cohen, managing director of The Blackbeard Treasure. "And in the process of having the time of your life, you may just unearth a fortune."

Every treasure chest holds $1 million, in cash, a location neocon, and a hidden camera is pointed at the exact location of each chest. A key will be attached to the side of the chest, and once opened, the finder will need to call a phone number found inside to officially claim their winnings. Additionally, a reality-style television show The Hunt for Blackbeard’s Treasure will start filming November 21, following select teams of treasure hunters as they search for the hidden loot. 

Treasure hunters must be at least 16 years old; those younger must be participating with a parent or legal guardian over the age of 16. There is absolutely no reproduction, distribution, or replication of any of the treasure hunt materials—they are serious about this one, it is punishable by criminal charges and a $250,000 fine.

Check out the full list of rules at

We have been hearing a lot about treasure hunters lately. Back in June, the famed treasure of Forrest Fenn was found. Fenn is an eccentric millionaire who hid a chest full of ancient and antique treasure somewhere in the Rocky Mountains about 10 years ago. Fenn said that the treasure was found right where he hid it, under the big skies of Wyoming. 

Will you be heading out to search for this latest treasure? We just might see you along the way!