Maryland police give residents a "final warning" to wear pants while checking the mailbox. 

Sure, social distancing has its perks: working from the comfort of your couch, long Netflix breaks, and lounging in your PJs all day. Unless you live in Maryland, that is. Apparently, Maryland residents are taking their social distancing lifestyle to the next level by forgoing pants altogether. It's become such a problem, that the police decided to get involved. 

On Tuesday, the Taneytown Police Department posted the following message on its Facebook page: "Please remember to put pants on before leaving the house to check your mailbox. You know who you are. This is your final warning." The post has since been shared more than 10,000 times. 

Although it's not clear who's running around checking their mail pantless, commenters on the post seem to have a few ideas. In fact, a "top fan" of the page—a "top fan" is someone who comments and actively engages with a specific Facebook page often—was the first person to comment. 

"One time. Why y'all gotta be like that," wrote Dan Glass. 

"I'll tell my husband; so sorry you had to see that," another commenter responded.  

The post became so popular, that the Holliston Police Department, a Massachusetts-based police department, got in on the fun by posting a "Bulletin" asking readers to help identify a pair of blue jeans. 

"The Holliston Police Department is asking the public's assistance in identifying the item seen in the attached photograph. Our officers encountered an individual (whose identity we're protecting) wearing this unknown material, possibly a fabric. The individual was wearing this item on the lower half of their body, covering from the waist down and ending at the ankle. It was paired with sneakers and a Boston Bruins T-shirt. It's possibly some type of trouser, but unconfirmed at this time. We are awaiting results from the Crime Lab. If you have any information or can identify this item, please leave a note in the comments section. Help us get the word out by linking or sharing this post." 

Based on the Taneytown Police Department's history, it's probably safe to say that this post was just a joke to get our minds off the pandemic. And all I have to say to that is, good job, fellas.