The famous Belgian chocolates will be available online and only at select retail stores.

You may have to look on the Internet next time you want to buy Godiva chocolates. The Belgian chocolate company has announced it will be closing all retail locations across North America. The action comes after new CEO Nurtac Ziyal Afridi was appointed last month. Fans will still be able to buy the premium chocolates online and in grocery and big box stores. The company has no plans to close Godiva stores in Europe, China, and the Middle East. The stores in North America are scheduled to close by the end of March, right after the Valentine’s rush.

Most of the Godiva chocolate cafés are located in malls and are dependent on foot traffic for business. In addition to the boxed chocolates and bars, the cafés serve a variety of freshly made items like chocolate-dipped strawberries, chocolate drinks, and Belgian waffles. The café concept was just introduced in 2019, when Godiva opened the first one in New York City. Like other mall-based businesses, Godiva believes it can add more sales volume by boosting sales on its digital platforms.

Godiva Café New York City

Godiva Café New York City, Courtesy of Godiva

The original Godiva chocolate was sold in department stores known for its luxurious gold boxes and premium chocolate pieces. Last year Godiva created a line of minibars priced around $3 to compete with brands found in the grocery and retail aisles. You can find the minibars along with bags of individually wrapped chocolates in stores like Walgreens and Target. The premium boxes are sold on along with products like hot cocoa, cookies, and coffee.

Godiva has more than 120 café stores in the United States and Canada. The company did not release how many employees would lose jobs as a result of the closures.

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