Between now and Veterans Day, WWE star John Cena will match all donations to FitOps Foundation up to $1 million.

Transitioning from military to civilian life is incredibly challenging for many veterans. Matt Hesse, veteran and founder of the FitOps Foundation, understands the difficulties of trying to integrate into a civilian lifestyle, which is why he now works to train, certify, and counsel veterans to become personal trainers.

Since 2016, the FitOps Foundation has trained and certified more than 250 veterans, and the waitlist has numbers hovering in the thousands. These month-long "live-on" camps not only churn out elite personal trainers, but veterans with a brand-new purpose.

WWE legend John Cena has been working with the FitOps Foundation since 2018 and has witnessed the positive impact that this non-profit has made to the veterans that go through the program. To help FitOps train and counsel as many veterans as they can by growing the training programs and camp facilities, John has declared that between now and Veterans Day, he will match all contributions made to the FitOps Foundation up to $1 million. 

Currently, the donation number sits at $599,544.79, but we can do better than that! Mr. Cena, I hope you have your checkbook ready.

If you'd like to donate to this phenomenal cause, please click HERE.

To active-duty and retired military members, we thank you for your service.