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All across the country, major retailers are limiting the number of shoppers that can enter their stores at one time. Walmart, Target, Home Depot, and grocery stores are implementing queuing processes and intricate one-way aisles to keep people from over-crowding. What you can expect when you go is a long line out front but a better experience inside the store ... in theory.

This weekend was the beginning of these new measures for Walmart. Many shoppers took to social media to show the long waits and corrals set up at the front doors. They are letting in approximately 20 percent of their maximum capacity per store. Staff members are posted at the door to keep a headcount. Once capacity is met, it's one person in for each one person out.

Home Depot has been monitoring shopper numbers for a while now. One of the main complaints is the lack of social distancing in the outdoor lines.

Remember to abide by the rules and stay at least six feet from the person in front of you at any store asking you to queue. Let us know what you're seeing out there!

For more information about the new rules at Walmart, check out their press release about the social distancing measures they have adopted.

Have the stores near you begun to limit shoppers? Tell us about it and where you're seeing it, in the comments!