After the Vice-Presidential 2020 Debate, "Mike Pence's Fly" is what's trending on Twitter!

During the Vice-Presidential debate, a fly landed on Vice President Mike Pence's head for a little over a minute. Today, Twitter is blowing up with numerous reactions to this. There's even been hundreds of new Twitter accounts created called, "Mike Pence's Fly," and it currently has over 116,000 followers.

We've been a fly on the wall and rounded up some of the best Twitter reactions. (Pun intended, of course!)

The Classic, "guy looks at girl" meme. - @MikePenceFly__

guy girl

Courtesy of @MikePenceFly__

"Biden with a fly swatter. That's all." - @mikaylaanncar

man fly swatter

Courtesy of @mikaylaanncar





In addition to the multiple Twitter accounts about Mike Pence's Fly, the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum created a "Mike Pence Fly" bobblehead. There is even a Halloween costume available!


Courtesy of @nypost

Who knew a fly could become so famous? What's your favorite Twitter reaction? Let us know in the comments below!