Is there anything more irresistible than Girl Scout cookies? Allie Shroyer's sweet sales pitch is proving to be even sweeter and a delightful business strategy.

Each year, we eagerly anticipate when Girl Scout cookies will be available for purchase. Allie Shroyer, a 6-year-old Girl Scout rang her neighbor's doorbell and delivered the most adorable sales pitch ... that's going viral.

Allie's neighbor's doorbell system captured the video, and she quickly sent it to Allie's mom, Kristen. As any proud mom would do, Kristen posted the video to Facebook for the world to enjoy. As the video made its rounds, Allie sold more than 200 boxes in just 24 hours.

Allie and her Girl Scout cookie sales pitch were featured on local and national news stations (CBS, People, E!, and The Today Show to name a few). Kristen shared, "It's a good day when you get pulled out of 1st grade for a quick national television interview."

The story was included in Good Morning America's Pop News, after Pitbull and Dr. Dre, of course.

People are also purchasing boxes of cookies from Allie for great causes, like this person who purchased 80 boxes to encourage healthcare heroes.

The list of available Girl Scout cookies has grown over the years. It seems everyone has their favorite out of the 12 flavors sold: Thin Mints®, Lemon-Ups®, Samoas®, Tagalongs®, Toffee-tastic®, and Girl Scout S'mores®. With COVID-19 parameters in place, Girl Scout cookies can now be ordered online.

What do you think of Allie's sales pitch? And how many boxes of Girl Scouts cookies did you order? Share in the comments below.