The Girl Scouts are going digital!

Would a box of thin mint cookies comfort you as we ring in the new year? Well, you’re in luck because it’s almost Girl Scout Cookie season and not even coronavirus can stop you from getting some of your favorite snacks. (Thank goodness!) The pandemic hit during cookie season last year, but troops are fighting back in 2021. As the season begins in January, Girl Scouts have created innovative sales tactics such as online cookie booths and contactless delivery. 

The online cookie booths allow girls to skyrocket their cookie sales by providing mobile and online sales. Not only will you be able to get your cookies shipped directly to your front door, but the process will also teach girls how to run a business online. Scouts will manage their own orders and inventory online, create cookie goals, and track their progress all while learning safe Internet practices.

Called the Digital Cookie platform, the app allows Girl Scouts the ability to invite cookie customers to order and pay for cookies online. The Scout will initiate the cookie sale with their version of the app and then invite you to their own personalized site where you can place an order via credit card. You can even opt to have your cookies shipped to your home or delivered by a Girl Scout in select areas.

Some Girl Scout troops across the nation have already started taking online pre-orders for this season’s cookies. To find out if your local troop is participating in the Digital Cookie platform, head to the platform’s site here and scroll down to “Councils Participating in Digital Cookie.”

You can also order Girl Scout cookies through GrubHub!

Going digital isn’t the only change hitting the Girl Scout Cookie Season. Troops are also introducing a new cookie flavor called “Toast-Yay!”. Announced in August 2020, the new flavor will be a French toast-inspired cookie dipped in icing and shaped like bread. It will debut in January 2021 and is expected to bring a touch of sweetness to the new year.

The 2021 Cookie Program is scheduled to run from January 22 through March 21. Dates are subject to change. 

So, are you going to try out the new flavor? Will you be ordering Girl Scout cookies online? Let us know in the comments!