The Norfolk Animal Care Center is on the lookout for the owners of a stray sheep. 

Ever think you’d see a sheep walking down Texas Avenue? Yeah, us neither. But that’s exactly what staff members of the Norfolk Animal Care Center found on Tuesday, February 26. 

“Think you're having a baaa-aaa-aaad day? What about this poor guy [who was] found wandering at the side of Texas Avenue in Norview?” The Norfolk Animal Care Center wrote on Facebook. “If he looks a little sheepish, it's because he's far from home.”

Norfolk Animal Care Center

Thankfully, members of the Norfolk Animal Care and Adoption Center saved the little guy and have provided him with goat food and a place to stay while they track down his owners. 

“We’re also checking with other shelters to see if they have more comfortable accommodations,” the post read. “At least this fluffy fella came with his own wool blanket.” 

The tag on the sheep’s ear reads VACR 6983. If you have any information about the sheep’s owners or where he lives, please call the center at (757) 441-5505. 

Norfolk Animal Care Center 

The Norfolk Animal Care Center is the city’s main animal sheltering facility. The shelter is open-admission and provides a safe place for animals who are found abandoned in the Norfolk area. According to, animals are never turned away, regardless of species, age, health, or temperament. 

Interested in adopting a new pooch? The care center has a variety of puppies, dogs, kittens, cats, and other small animals who are looking for their fur-ever family. 

The Center is open from 8 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. daily for other business, including pet license sales, humane trap rentals, reclaiming lost pets, and dropping off pets found roaming within the City of Norfolk.

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