This is the way ... to celebrate Easter.

During The Mandalorian, we watched as Baby Yoda snacked on some frog eggs (and macaroons!). Well, now it's time for you to snack on some delicious chocolate Baby Yoda eggs. Galerie Candy released a milk chocolate Easter egg with a surprise green Baby Yoda-shaped marshmallow hidden inside. The egg will help you find the force within as you chomp down on some melty chocolatey goodness.

The Baby Yoda Easter egg is actually meant to magically transform into hot chocolate, making it very similar to the Baby Yoda hot cocoa bomb Galerie Candy released last year. According to Galerie Candy's site, the 5.6 inches by 4.5 inches eggs can be dropped into a cup of hot water and fans will watch as a magical surprise is revealed before their very eyes. 

You can order the Baby Yoda chocolate egg on Galerie Candy's website for $5.99 or on Amazon for $12.65. While you're shopping on the Galerie Candy website, you may want to add just one more Easter-related item to your basket. The site is also selling a set of two Mandalorian Jumbo Molded Eggs that are perfect for your egg hunt. Each egg set costs $9.99 and comes with stickers and candy inside, as well as one green molded and printed egg, and one purple molded and printed egg. 

Mandalorian egg and stickers next to Easter basket

Courtesy of Galerie Candy

Easter falls on April 4, so you'll have plenty of time to shop for the Baby Yoda and Mandalorian eggs. Let us know which one you'll be purchasing in the comments. May the force be with you.